His Story

Granville C. Fairchild attended William Penn Charter School in Philidelphia. After graduating from Penn Charter, he applied to the American Friends Service Committee to go to a work camp in Europe. He was assigned to go to Cuernavaca, Mexico, kilometer 28 on the Toluca Valley Road. At the end of the summer, one of the group leaders of Cuernavaca suggested that Granville go to San Francisco. There he went to numerous Friends meetings and enrolled in San Francisco State College. After graduating with a BA in psychology, Granville completed graduate work at Lawrence Kansas University, where he studied psychology, painting, and drawing. While there he met Anna and Albert Bloch, who were members of the German artist group, Der Blaue Reiter, or Blue Rider Group. This Munich-based band of artists made great contributions to the field of abstract art.When his time in college ended, Granville Fairchild sought to continue following his artistic dreams. He eventually traveled to New York City to attend the Art Students League, and studied with both Edwin Dickinson and George Gross. He attends museum visits whenever possible, and enjoys spending hours gazing at their artwork. His house is his art studio, and it’s where he continues to paint and draw, to photograph the world around him as he sees it.




June 7, 2019